Allergens in the mattress Nr1 cause of allergies



We use the mattress 8 hours every day and burden it with 200lt of body fluids and 3.5kg – 5kg of dead cells per year.

Mattresses are not washable making their maintenance difficult to impossible.

This favors the overgrowth of mites as they feed on dead skin cells and seek a dark, moist and warm environment.

Looking inside a mattress that has been used for a year, we can see the extent of the problem from the accumulation of millions of allergens from the dead bodies and droppings of mites.




Allerg-STOP Neutralizes the proteins of the allergens contained in the droppings and dead bodies of mites, mold spores, pollen and animal hair

  • Repels mites, bed bugs and fleas
  • It protects the mattress from the above for 6 months
  • 100% herbal active substance
  • No insecticides
  • No danger signs


καθαρισμός χαλιών


  • It reduces the allergens that are the main cause of allergic symptoms
  • It improves the quality of life
  • Reduces household dust which is 80% dead mite bodies and droppings
  • Pleasant and restful sleep in a clean and healthy environment
  • Suitable for all fibrous surfaces


Objects & Fields of Application

προϊόντα Allerg-Stop
Target Audiences
  • People with allergies
  • People with respiratory problems
  • People with skin problems
  • People with sensitive health
  • Seniors
  • Tourists
  • Military
  • Sailors
  • Rooms with pets
  • Truck drivers
  • Those who want a clean and healthy environment

Nr1 product as a complementary sale in pharmacies

To customers who buy

  • Allergy Medication or Supplements
  • Medication for breathing problems
  • Medication or Ointments for skin diseases
  • Medication or Supplements for Insomnia
  • Baby care products


Sold in all pharmacies

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